Coinneach Shanks: Psychotherapy in Dublin


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Issues that may arise for clients

I have experience in the areas of work stress, bereavement, relationship difficulties, addictions or habits and anxiety and depression and a range of other difficulties that people face. Often, a combination can be experienced. And one may lead to another. Work stress can lead to relationship problems at home or to addictive behaviour. Difficult relationships at home can result in poor work performance. I work with the individual to tackle the underlying factors and work towards sustainable change. 


Sometimes, those who have experienced an unpleasant event which involves physical threat can develop symptoms of post traumatic stress. I have experience of working with people who are suffering continuing problems following a life-threatening event.


I'm often asked if a doctor's referral is necessary. No, anyone can do psychotherapy at any time they want. So it is your decision. But some clients like to speak with their general practitioner first before coming to psychotherapy.


Self development work can also prove beneficial to clients. Understanding what "makes you tick" - what stimulates, aggravates or worries you leads to transformation. It can help in coping with uncertainty. And dealing with feelings can improve clients' relationships with others, open up career opportunities and improve work performance. More importantly, it can promote well being and lead to an enhanced appreciation of life.