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Dealing with anxiety

Anxiety can be a very debilitating condition. For some, it can be so severe, that they seem "stopped in their tracks" and unable to move forward in their lives. It can be accompanied by feelings in the body - chest, stomach, headaches and teeth grinding are common. It can prevent sleep and it is possible to feel very stressed - even when waking in the morning, or going to an appointment for example. Sometimes, anxiety is accompanied by panic attacks that seem to come "out of the blue", from nowhere.

If you have anxiety, I work with you so that you can tackle anxiety for yourself and reduce your own symptoms. Sometimes, anxiety can be tackled through cognitive exercises where we would work together to manage and get rid of anxious feelings. But if anxiety has been a problem for a long time it may be "deep seated" and the therapeutic process can take longer.

Very often, anxiety is physically stressful. Together with clients, I introduce mindfulness exercises that help the autonomic system (the system that controls the body's fight or flight response) to adjust.


Reducing Stress
In my blog I often introduce illustrated articles which may help the reader to reduce stress. And thinking about something in a different way may lead to a different approach in your life. So think about the tree and what it means. Then think about your self. Just click on the picture to go to the full text!