Coinneach Shanks: Psychotherapy in Dublin

Uncertainty and Psychotherapy
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Psychotherapy goes to the roots of uncertainty

There is a lot of fear and uncertainty in our lives today. It often seems impossible to get away from bad news and gloomy forecasts. This tends to trigger anxieties that may not have come to the surface before.
Some uncertainties are generated by constant gloomy news such as the economic downturn, environmental concerns, health warnings and so on. It is natural to be concerned. But in general many people are concerned about their path in life. What am I doing?  Where am I going? It's easy to become rather down or even depressed.
Sometimes the world seems chaotic and we feel we are part of that chaos. Accepting that chaos and unpredictability might be normal is very hard.  Psychotherapy goes to the roots of the uncertainty, by forging a therapeutic alliance based on trust. Coinneach Shanks seeks to build a relationship of trust, so that the individual identifies important issues and through working on them, is strengthened.