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Dealing with Depression

Depression is estimated to affect at least one in five people at some stage in their lives. Depression can leave the individual feeling lost or exhausted. Feeling there is "no fight left in you" is common. Other feelings can be triggered by depression such as negative emotions like anxiety, anger or shame. The world can seem like a dark or even a terrifying place. In turn, this can lead to isolation - staying in the house or not wanting to meet friends. Loss of routine can lead to feelings of helplessness.
I work with the client to achieve focus on the problem. It may also be necessary to also tackle underlying factors such as the early life experiences that help form the beliefs we have about ourselves.
Depression can take many shapes and so differing approaches are necessary. Together with a client, I explore ways of dealing with depression for that person. It is very important that the approach is suitable for the individual who seeks therapy and everyone's experience is different.


Depression can feel worse depending on the weather. Many people find that the process of psychotherapy uncovers the events and associated feelings that makes us susceptible to depression. As these feelings are dealt with, people feel able to get more out of life. Part of these feelings is what Jung calls "The Shadow". Learn more about the shadow by clicking on the picture.