Coinneach Shanks: Psychotherapy in Dublin

General Practitioners and Psychotherapy

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Should you consult your GP?
There is no onus on you to consult with a GP before therapy, but occasionally it is beneficial. General Practitioners, like your family doctor, are aware of the need for some patients to avail of one of the "talking therapies" such as psychotherapy or counselling. Very often, they find that psychotherapy leads to satisfactory outcomes and that brief therapy is suitable for many difficulties.
In busy surgeries, doctors understand that many patients need time to talk and work though problems. But because of demands on their practice, they are unable to give as much time to patients as they would like to do. Quite a few doctors have training in listening skills or in psychotherapy itself so they are happy to talk to a patient who is thinking about psychotherapy. 
Coinneach Shanks receives a considerable number of referrals from doctors. In general, these fall into the category of short-term or brief therapy, although ocasionally a longer time period can be of continuing therapeutic benefit for the client.