Coinneach Shanks: Psychotherapy in Dublin

An Introduction to Psychotherapy

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An affordable way to begin psychotherapy

It's understandable that many people are tentative about starting psychotherapy. It can be hard to enter into a commitment for what can seem to be an indefinite period. Coinneach Shanks has tailored a special six week, time limited option that provides an introduction to psychotherapy.
The sessions begin with an assessment. This leads to a basic understanding of what brings the client to psychotherapy. The second session involves a measurement of the client's core beliefs about themselves. In the third session the client is encouraged to trace relationships through charts. In the fourth and fifth sessions the client relates to a series of images and talks freely about what they mean to them. In the final session, both look at the work that has been done and the client is encouraged to examine future options.
Clients are encouraged to keep a diary of emotions and feelings for the duration of their therapy. For those who want to work on dreams, guidance is given on keeping a dream notebook. 
For clients who wish to continue, arrangements can be made to provide sets of six sessions each with progress reviews.